Latika Chakrabarty, Handbag Designer at the age of 89.

Latika Chakrabarty was born in Dhubri, Assam about 89 years ago (She's not sure exactly when). She was married to Krishna Lal Chakrabarty, an Officer-Surveyor from Survey Of India and after the demise of her husband, she lived with her son, Capt Raj Chakravorty, an Indian Naval Officer. This led her to live a life of travel. In her journey across the length and breadth of India she collected some beautiful saris, kurtas, and eclectic pieces of clothing, each with a unique story of its own.

She always enjoyed sewing and designing new things from old and over time she has now focussed her energies towards designing and creating handbags or potlis with her innate talent and 64-year old sewing machine. Her bags are all handmade with love and care and each of them have had a previous life in different parts and different eras of India.


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Tel: +919820238542

Please get in touch with us regarding any queries or questions you may have about Latika's handbags. But please do remember that she is an 89-year old woman and may take up to seven days to get back to you. Thank you for your patience.

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