Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Options

Currently we only accept PayPal but we're trying to add other options as well. Please be patient with us. You could also get in touch with us personally through and we'll try and work something out.


We ship our bags all over India with Professional Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. Currently we are not able to ship the bags overseas but we're working on it so as to provide the feature in the near future. Thank you for patience.


Each bag is made by the old, calloused, and highly capable hands of Latika Chakrabarty. Yes, there may be a few flaws and if you feel that there are one too many then write us at with the Subject line "Latika's Bags: Return" and we'll start the process immediately. 

Custom Orders

Honestly, we don't really take custom orders. But if you still have total conviction over your creative ideas then write to us at with the Subject line "Latika's Bags: Custom" and we'll look into it.

If you have any further queries then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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